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Malayan tiger.jpg

Malay common name: Harimau

English common name: Malayan Tiger

Scientific name: Panthera tigris jacksoni


rank: Critically Endangered

Photo Source: WWF

I’m difficult to spot in the wild because my stripes help me blend into my habitat in the tropical rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia. I prefer to have a very large territory that is connected by forest blocks and corridors. That way, I can roam without running into human developments along the way. I eat a wide variety of prey but my favorites include Wild Pig, Sambar Deer, and Barking Deer. I play an important part in the rainforest ecosystem because I help keep prey populations from getting too high. And let’s just say, that is a role I don’t mind playing. I’m sure you know, I am a carnivore. None of that leafy green stuff for me.

I might be a big cat but I am one of the smallest tigers in the world. I am only 2.35 metres long, from my nose to the tip of my tail, but I stand tall because I am related to the Siberian Tiger. My Siberian cousins are the largest tigers in the world and can grow up to 3 metres. Don’t underestimate my ability because of my small size. I am able to occasionally hunt young Asian Elephants, Gaur, and Malayan Tapir. The fact that they are usually weak or sickly does not make it easier to hunt such big animals. I only make a kill once every three or four days and eat as much as I can all at once. You can come to try to spot me at Taman Negara National Park in Pahang and Royal Belum State Park in Perak.

You can learn more about me in these two videos:  English video and  Bahasa Malaysia video.

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