Want to share your hope on biodiversity at a larger scale?

Want to contribute to nationwide biodiversity education?

Sponsor or contribute towards a package that will bring RIMBA into schools and communities across the country 

Sponsor a biodiversity corner in a

public school library

Biodiversity Corner

Each sponsored school will receive:

RIMBA Biodiversity Corner

  • Two RIMBA decks

  • 4 hours of facilitated gameplay for students 

  • Malaysian Biodiversity Information (MYBIS) books

  • Books by local conservation organizations

Teacher Workshop

  • Library book curation workshop

  • Introduction to RIMBA Biodiversity Classroom modules

  • Malaysian Nature Society- Kelab Pencinta Alam membership


Sponsor a RIMBA wildlife appreciation program for a local community


This 2-day engagement program focuses on working with rural youth in exploring their understanding of their site-specific knowledge of the forest and how they learn through oral traditions. We use RIMBA as an entry activity to discuss real-world conflicts. 

Each sponsored community will receive:

  • Two RIMBA decks

  • Game-master training for young people

  • A workshop on the local ecosystem, its services, wildlife trade and human-wildlife conflict


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