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How to play

  1.  Shuffle the deck and evenly distribute the cards without looking at the animal images.

  2.  The game starts with the youngest player in a clockwise direction.

  3.  Every player puts 1 card in sequence in the centre forming a pile.

  4.  Anybody can say "SNAP!" and place their hand on the pile when they see 2 of the same animal cards.

  5. The fastest player to say "SNAP!" and place their hand gets to keep the pile.

  6. The pile they "SNAP!" must be left on the table and not mixed into the cards held in their hands.

  7. Keep playing until the cards at hand are finished.

  8. Each player counts all the cards they have collected from their SNAP pile. The winner is the person with the most cards.



Watch how-to-play "Snap!" Video!

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