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How to play

  1. Separate the animal cards from the info card. Shuffle the deck and distribute 7 animal cards to each player and pile the remaining cards and place it in the center.

  2. The card pile is the RIMBA draw pile.

  3. Arrange all the information cards in a grid facing up so every player can see them.

  4. The round starts in a clockwise direction starting with the youngest player.

  5. A player must collect 4 of the same animal by asking and collecting the intended animal from other players.          Example: Anisa asks Myra, "Myra, do you have a SELADANG?".

  6. If Myra does not have a SELADANG, she will reply "RIMBA". Anisa then draws 1 card from the pile and ends her turn.

  7. If Anisa gets the SELADANG from Myra, Anisa can continue to ask for another animal. Anisa's turn ends when she cannot get any card.

  8. If Myra has a SELADANG, she must give Anisa all the SELADANG cards she has.

  9. Players must hold their uncompleted sets of cards in their hands. Once they have 4 of a kind, they can place them face up on the table and claim the corresponding information card to identify that they have "Conserved the animal".

  10. The winner is the person with the most number of complete sets/ animals conserved.


Watch how-to-play "rimba" Video!

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