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Malay common name: Katak

English common name: Twin-spotted Tree Frog

Scientific name: Rhacophorus bipunctatus


rank: Least Concern

Photo Source: Wikipedia

You might catch a glimpse of me gliding between trees or bamboo in my natural habitat. I have webbing between my fingers and toes that allows me to glide through the air for short distances. My small, light body is easy to transport in this way. Females are larger than males, with the former growing up to 6.5 centimetres and the latter growing 3.7 centimetres long. I usually live in evergreen or bamboo forests that grow above 1,000 metres in elevation. When it’s time to lay my eggs, I make a foam nest on a tree branch that is above slow-moving or still water. Then when the eggs hatch, the tadpoles fall into the water, where they will develop into frogs over time.

Humans don’t know much about me at this point and more research needs to be done. You could be the researcher that unlocks more secrets about my species! 

If you want to know more about me and my other local friends, download the eBook on Malaysian frogs and toads here.

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