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sunda flying lemur.jpg

Malay common name: Kubong

English common name: Sunda Flying Lemur

Scientific name: Galeopterus variegatus


rank: Least Concern

Photo Source: WAZA

Did you know that I’m not really a lemur and I don’t actually fly? I’m actually a colugo and I glide (not fly) through the rainforest. My body has evolved to work like a kite. After leaping from a tree branch, I stretch out my arms and legs to make the flaps of skin between them tighten. This way my lightweight body can glide through the air for distances up to 100 metres! I only weigh about one kilogram, even when I have a baby clinging to me. I’m arboreal, which means I spend my whole life in the trees. Since I’m specially adapted to life in the canopy, I can’t move very well on the forest floor.

During the heat of the day, I prefer to lounge and sleep high in the forest canopy. When the sun sets, I wake up ready for breakfast. I glide from tree to tree, feasting on the leaves, buds, sap, flowers, and fruits of plants. You can try to spot me in Bako National Park in Sarawak and even Langkawi island, though you may need special night vision goggles to see me.

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