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Bornean Orangutan.jpg

Malay common name: Orangutan

English common name: Bornean Orangutan

Scientific name: Pongo pygmaeus


rank: Critically Endangered

Photo Source: WWF

Did you know that the Malay word “orangutan” means “man of the forest”? I’m part of a primate group called the great apes which also includes gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos of Africa. I might be mistaken for a monkey but we are quite different. Apes don’t have tails like monkeys; we are larger in size; and we have larger brains, among other differences. I live in the forest and am most comfortable up in the forest canopy. The arms of large male orangutans can stretch up to 2.13 metres wide to swing from branch to branch. Each day, I make a new nest out of leaves and tree branches, sometimes even crafting a roof to keep me out of the rain.

I’m an omnivore and have been known to eat from 1,700 different plant species. However, 90% of my diet comes from fruits. My favorites include durian, jackfruit, figs, and lychees. Are any of those fruits your favorites too? I have also been known to eat flowers, bark, leaves, termites, ants, young birds, and tree rats. You can come visit me in Borneo at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Sanctuary, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Danum Valley Conservation Area, Maliau Basin Conservation Area; Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Kubah National Park, and Batang Ai National Park.

You can learn more about me in this video!

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