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Malay common name: Seladang

English common name: Gaur

Scientific name: Bos gaurus


rank: Vulnerable

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

I belong to a group of animals called bovids that includes cattle, bison, and yaks. I’m the largest wild bovid in the world, as I am larger than the water buffalo, Cape buffalo, and bison. I can grow up to 2.2 metres tall at the shoulder and 3.3 metres long. Since I’m so large, only a few predators like the tiger can bring me down. Crocodiles and leopards sometimes catch our sick and weak members, which keeps our population strong and healthy. Predators that try to hunt me have to be careful though because I can easily injure or kill them as well.

To grow so big and strong, I need to eat a lot of my favorite foods, which include young grasses, herbs, fruit, and leaves. I also eat dry grasses, bamboo, bark, and twigs when they’re available. I’m not picky and will feed on nearly 200 different plant species. My diet depends on which plants are in season and available in my area. My favorite places to roam are large areas of undisturbed lowland forests that provide plenty of food plants and water. Lately, I’ve been moving into more mountainous regions because it’s getting harder to find enough undisturbed forest territory. You can come visit me at the National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Perak, Krau Wildlife Reserve, Taman Negara National Park, and Endau Rompin National Park.

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