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Firdaus Nisha Muhammad Faizal

Firdaus Nisha is a sustainability facilitator and activates science-based learning from different perspectives of culture, identity and citizenship. A lot of her work includes research, program development, network-based collaborations, fact-checking and evidence-based storytelling. She produces articles, curate speakers for conferences, facilitate community data mapping, run workshops, design exhibitions and outreach. 

Nisha is also a Non-State Actor trainer in green governance for MNS MyForest Watch. In the past, Nisha has served 2 terms (2014-2017) as the National Secretary of the Malaysian Environmental NGO coalition. Trained formally as an Aeronautical engineer she has over the years been certified in Permaculture Design, Sustainable Community Design (Japan), Placemaking and Community-Engaged Arts across her 10-year transition into environmental sustainability education. She is also the creator of RIMBA The Card Game.

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