An educational Card Game that is dedicated to 30 animals from Peninsular and Borneo Malaysia which aspires to help people recognize the various animals

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RIMBA features 30 Malaysian animals along with information about their ecology and status in the wild.

Educators can also extend RIMBA as a learning tool in addition to it being a card game.


RIMBA can be played in many different ways by a large range of age groups.

Some games allow users to take their own sweet time while some are competitive! 


RIMBA is designed in dual language:

English and Bahasa Malaysia.

This is an entry point to make environmental education accessible to a wide range of community groups.


RIMBA features 30 Malaysian animals in 4 different colour of cards.

The illustration on the cards are black-and-white and a Colour Identification System is incorporated in the design to allow colourblind users to identify the colour of the cards using symbols.


RIMBA is designed to be played by more than 2 people allowing connection-building between family and friends.

When used beyond card game setting (i.e Storytelling), RIMBA sparks connection-building between people of different background and age groups.

Let's get to know rimba Animals!

in your classroom

Are you a teacher?

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Did you know

that RIMBA is a

STEM learning tool?


Do you want to set up a biodiversity learning corner?

If you are interested to get RIMBA into your school, kindly drop us an email at rimba@ecocentrictransitions.com

RIMBA is a great tool to introduce Malaysian fauna biodiversity to young people. Once, they are familiar with the animals, we introduce some environmental issues that threaten these animals in the wild. Issues like illegal poaching, wildlife trade, and pollution are some of the many causes of population decline and biodiversity loss. RIMBA allows people to empathize with the animals and indirectly encourages people to make behavioural and systemic changes. 

Dr Ahmad Zafir Abdul Wahab,

Head of Environmental Education,
The Habitat Penang Hill.

Evone Wen,
Primary School Principal and
English Teacher,

Chempaka School, Cheras

I brought a deck to discuss
Malaysian animals and my
students took to the games

very quickly.

Now we run quizzes as energizers!

RIMBA is easily re-appropriated

for different uses.

My students are assigned to pick 5 Malaysian animals to research.
They produce a scrapbook that
expresses the uniqueness of the rainforest and different ecosystems found in across the
country. The student research also explores the degradation of ecosystems and the vulnerability of each animal.

Will Morecombe,
Class Teacher,

Lancaster Road Primary School,

United Kingdom

I use RIMBA as part of my Kelab Pencinta Alam activity in my school SMJK Kwang Hua. My students use RIMBA to apply language and research on ecology. We use RIMBA when we visit nature sites like Tanjung Tuan for Raptor Watch, Kuala Selangor Nature Park and even the nearby park when observing insects.

This game allows them to learn and play, over time they get good at the information as they
all want to win at RIMBA!

Cikgu Subathra Kangaraj,

Guru Penasihat Kelab Pencinta Alam,

SMJK Kwang Hua Klang