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River terrapin.jpg

Malay common name: Tuntung Sungai

English common name: River Terrapin

Scientific name: Batagur affinis


rank: Critically Endangered

Photo Source: IUCN Red List

I spend most of my time swimming in estuaries, mangrove creeks, lower river sections, coastal lagoons, and sometimes upstream rivers in southern Cambodia, Sumatra, southern Thailand, and Peninsular Malaysia. Even though I’m a freshwater turtle, I can tolerate some saltwater as well. When it’s time for me to lay my eggs, l make my nest in sandy riverbanks or beaches. Be careful not to step on my eggs!

I eat a wide variety of foods, including plants and animals, which makes me an omnivore. Some of my favourite foods include figs, sedges, water hyacinth, and mangrove apples. And don’t forget molluscs! If I find molluscs, I eat as many as I can. You can come visit me in the Perak River, Terengganu River, Setiu River, Dungun River, and Kemaman River. 

Check out how people are helping me survive in this video about the Turtle Guardians.

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